Leo Yu-Ho Lo

Hi, there! I am Leo, live in Hong Kong. I am now doing my postgraduate study at VisLab of HKUST, on data visualization. Previously, I had completed my BSc. Computer Science at CUHK and worked in the industry as Software Engineer for a couple of years.

I am enthused by the world we are living in. It's an exciting era with abilities to program computers. Especially with abundant amount of data, we can do things that seem impossible before. It also changes the ways we approach problems.

I love data visualization. With the gigantic amount of data collected, we cannot see the truth beneath it without visualizing it. Data visualization incorporates a broad range of knowledge to let us see in the ocean of data. It is both computationally technical and psychologically humane while the painting is artistically pleasing.

Let's visualize the world!



Bad Vis Browser V2, late 2021

Bad Vis Browser is a collection of bad visualizations collected from the Internet. I labeled each visualization and put them into a gallery. [Dataset] [GitHub]

Bad Vis Browser, early 2020

Bad Vis Browser is a collection of bad visualizations collected by the subreddit community r/dataisugly. I labeled each visualization and put them into a gallery. [Dataset] [GitHub]

Learning Vis Tools, early 2019

Learning Vis Tools is a series of data visualization tutorials covering a wide range of visualization tools covering GUI, Python and Javascript. [arXiv] [[email protected]] [GitHub]

100 Vis Challenge, late 2018 - current

100 Vis Challenge is an on-going challenge for myself to draw 100 beautiful visualizations with public datasets. [Observable]

aimole, early 2016

aimole is a competition platform for game playing AI. Students compete on the leaderboard by writing bots to play against each other. We have developed two games, Othello and 2048. [GitHub]

codeSubmit, late 2015

codeSubmit is a programming assignment online judge. Students can directly do coding on web, run their code and get feedback immediately. [GitHub]

Rumours Hub, early 2015

Rumours Hub is a maching learning project to extract information from football transfer news using techniques learned from Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Course on Coursera. [Demo]


Misinformed by Visualization: What Do We Learn From Misinformative Visualizations?

Leo Yu Ho Lo, Ayush Gupta, Kento Shigyo, Aoyu Wu, Enrico Bertini, Huamin Qu, EuroVis 2022 [Project] [arXiv] [Appendix] [OSF] [Slides] [Supplementary Materials]

Causal Perception in Question-Answering Systems

Po-Ming Law, Leo Yu Ho Lo, Alex Endert, John Stasko, Huamin Qu, 2021 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [Paper]

SirenLess: reveal the intention behind news

Xumeng Chen, Leo Yu Ho Lo and Huamin Qu, 2020 [arXiv]

Learning Vis Tools: Teaching Data Visualization Tutorials

Leo Yu Ho Lo, Yao Ming and Huamin Qu, 2019 IEEE VIS Conference, [Project] [arXiv] Best Short Paper Honorable Mention Award

Visual Analytics of Student Learning Behaviors on K-12 Mathematics E-learning Platforms

Meng Xia, Huan Wei, Min Xu, Leo Yu Ho Lo, Yong Wang, Rong Zhang and Huamin Qu, 2019 IEEE VIS Conference, [arXiv] Best Poster Award

About me

I read a lot. I like the feeling of knowing more about this world.

Below is my self-tracking list.

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