Leo Yu Ho, Lo

Hi, there! I am Leo, live in Hong Kong. I am now working at VisLab of HKUST, on data visualization. I previously graduated from CUHK and have a couple years of experience working in the industry.

I am enthused by the world we are living in. It's an exciting era with abilities to program computers. Especially with abundant amount of data, we can do things that seem impossible before. It also changes the ways we approach problems.

I am particularly interested in machine learning. At first, I learn about machine learning to solve a problem in my side project. Later, I get caught by its amazing possibilities, beyond my little side project. It's hard and challenging to master, I am on the way.

Hope you find yours!


About me

I read a lot. I like the feeling of knowing more about this world.

Below is my self-tracking list.

All Time Favourite:

During secondary school at P.L.K. Vicwood K.T.Chong Sixth Form College (late 2008 - mid 2010):

During undergraduate studies at CUHK (mid 2010 - mid 2013):

During work at Mobigator Technology Group (mid 2013 - early 2014):

During break (early 2014 - mid 2015):

During work at CUHK (mid 2015 - mid 2016):

During work at Lamplight Analytics (mid 2016 - early 2017):

During break (early 2017 - mid 2017):

During work at HKUST (mid 2017 - current):